Saturday, September 30, 2023

EP Review: Squalor "Squalor EP" (Iron Fortress Records) by Devin J. Meaney

Band: Squalor
Location: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Genre: Goregrind, deathgrind
EP: Squalor EP
Format: Digital, cassette
Release date: June 2023
Once again while hitting up YouTube I came to a pretty decent little gore release! The 2023 self titled EP by Squalor is a fusion of goregrind and death metal and it is definitely one of the better releases I have heard this year!
The vocals remind me of the band CHUD mixed in with a sprinkling of Lymphatic Phlegm and other goregrind acts. The guitar work is a bit more technical than most goregrind shreds though—so I guess this is where the “death metal” comes into play! This EP has blistering leads and crunchy rhythms and overall it all blends together to make for an exquisite listen! The drums have that “ping ping trash can” sound that I love too—so yeah—this is pretty rad!
This was self released in digital format in April of 2023. The tape was released in June via Iron Fortress Records!
Squalor hails from Pennsylvania. I don’t know a lot about the music scenes in this area of the world—but Squalor is something I think could be enjoyed all around the globe!
Note: The fifth track in the YouTube stream is a bonus track that was released as a single in July of 2023! -Devin J. Meaney

Ed: Mixing/mastering/recording, spicy riffs, pukes, songwriting
Tim: Best goregrind bass riffs ever, vocals, songwriting
Zach: Riffs, vocals, songwriting, album art

Track list:
1. Snot Boogie
2. Necrorobbery
3. Barbed Wire Bounce House
4. Curbstomp Frenchkiss
5. Litteerbug (bonus track)

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