Thursday, September 14, 2023

Poem: "Rebel Girl" by Tanner Reiss

Rebel Girl
Tanner Reiss, July 13, 2023

Rebel Girl born in rubble
Soft-spoken, honest, and humble
Trying hard to stay outta trouble
Can't catch herself after a stumble
Walking on a floor of marble.

Rebel Girl, life of trauma
Torn, bloodstained pajama
All she knows: love = drama
Papa beat her into a comma
No help from her momma.

Rebel Girl, pseudo name Jane
Can't take the recurring pain
Memories begin to flash again
Stabs another needle in her vein
To calm the demons inside her brain.

Rebel Girl can't stand tall
Sitting behind a privacy wall
Who knows? None at all
Overdosing, starting to fall

She didn't know her hit was fentanyl

Rebel Girl has an oracle
Found by some kind of miracle
Quickly rushed to seek medical
Her story, far from typical
Neither empirical nor satirical.

Rebel Girl born in rubble
Still hears the demons rumble
But instead of taking a tumble
She sees the floor made of marble
Speaks about her life's struggle.

Rebel Girl never did conform
Always happy to challenge the norm
Weathered Satan's storm
Now she works to build a platform
To help others avoid Satan's swarm.

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