Friday, October 20, 2023

EP Review: Fake Figures "From Within" (Independent) by Dave Wolff

Band: Fake Figures
Location: Southern California
Country: USA
Genre: Alt rock, metal
EP: From Within
Format: Digital
Label: Independent
Release date: September 29, 2023
This is the second musical act I’ve listened to with a member referring to his creation as therapy. Open to relate to, this therapy is about the conflict between writing what you feel and being told what you should write. Also the ill effects that result from corporate and social media. “From Within” and previous releases by Fake Figures boasts a feeling of purging angst and frustration through the very songwriting under pressure to change, and a feeling of desire to rise above said pressure.
There’s a distinctive aura of a band fresh out of high school, entering college and commenting on the “real world” around them while maintaining their world view, tailoring and fine-tuning it for adulthood. Bands, podcasters and distro runners are known to continue into their fifties as they believe in their choices. It goes to show you're never too old to decide something for yourself.
Fake Figures is comprised of members of Atreyu, Scars of Tomorrow, Cassetta, Adamantium and Cold War who have been active musicians for some time; forming a new band shows they still harbor sufficient energy and ability to mature directly from the state of mind they started with. Compared to their older material “From Within” is a little less disorderly and more focused. Not precisely metal, metalcore, pop punk, desert rock or post-hardcore, the EP draws from each genre when needed to manifest states of agitation, pain and repulsion.
Introducing divergent predilections, often presenting brief outbursts of distress, Fake Figures display enough shades of Integrity, Foo Fighters, Butthole Surfers, Alice In Chains and Killswitch Engage to attract most college radio audiences, and draw them into lyrics reflecting emotional states not touched with as much intensity as those bands. “Miasmatic”, “Best Intentions” and “Polymer” particularly exhibit the struggle to keep one’s own identity in the face of self-interested, hubristic advice. A message that’s as relevant today as it was in the 90s, 2000s and 2010s. Neve change, never shut up, never buy into what you’re told to believe. –Dave Wolff

Steve Ludwig: Vocals
Travis Miguel: Guitar
Geoff Harman: Guitar
Bob Bradley: Bass
Matt Horwitz: Drums

Track list:
1. Burn The Tyrants
2. Miasmatic
3. Best Intentions
4. Polymer
5. My Homage

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