Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Full Length Review: Pale Fallen Dead "Why Do I Feel Dead Inside?" (Independent, Rotting Sun Records, Bastard-Premonition Tapes) by Dave Wolff

Location: Oklahoma
Country: USA
Genre: Sludge metal, ambient
Format: Digital, CD, cassette
Label: Independent, Rotting Sun Records, Bastard-Premonition Tapes
Release date: October 15, 2023 (digital)
While researching this one-man project’s site I found this quote from the late great Peter Steele (Carnivore, Type O Negative), which read “functionless art is simply tolerated vandalism”. Something to make you think while listening to the new visions of Decomposed Dave. Dave is the driving force behind Pale Fallen Dead and Life Has Soured, a sludge metal act dealing with serial killer psychology and mass murder.
Dave worked with a number of doom, sludge and drone bands prior to starting his current project, which while still being somber and spine-chilling comes from a more private and intimate place. As it is a progression of sorts from his last project and dedicated to people close to him who are no longer with us, “Why Do I Feel Dead Inside?” is taking a journey toward fully evolving as a musician by diving into broader perceptions of lifelessness and forlornness.
Listening to “Why Do I Feel Dead Inside?” is equivalent to traveling through an endless city of ruins. It is also equivalent to witnessing nightfall that doesn’t move in when day fades but actually absorbs all the light of day. But as the quote above suggests, it’s no directionless expression of angst, no murder of the light. It isn’t negative for the sake of being negative, but intended to serve a purpose known only to him. To fully understand it, you’ll have to follow him into the abyss; with a modicum of insight you’ll eventually emerge the wiser.
The songs here are incredibly long, repetitive and droning, with jarring drums and achromatic vocals. There’s no effort to assume commercial appeal here. However, appearances deceive and its nuances lie in how narcotically it wanders into mournfulness. Something about them immerses you as comparably to Type O Negative and Pink Floyd as to Earth, Eyehategod and Church of Misery. Especially the way the tone in “Pale Goddess Descending”, “Wind Stripped Spirit Decay”, “Among the Pale Fallen Dead” and “An Imminent Ending” unexpectedly alternate between drone and ambient, giving even greater weight to the intended effect.
The final track “Dead Inside (Where Emotions Go To Die)” has a complete ambient vibe ending things on a chilling note. However “Why Do I Feel Dead Inside?” will be released with three different outro pieces according to who released it. –Dave Wolff

Decomposed Dave: Vocals, all instruments

Track list:
1. Pale Goddess Descending
2. Wind Stripped Spirit Decay
3. Among The Pale Fallen Dead
4. An Imminent Ending
5. Dead Inside (Where Emotions Go To Die)

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