Sunday, January 14, 2024

Poem: "Anxiously Awaiting!" by Rich Orth

 Anxiously Awaiting!

©Rich Orth 7/12/2023 6:28pm 

These recurring dreams
Impressed upon me
Fears once sequestered 
Eulogies allegorically ...played
....repeated..... displayed
Unchained... emancipated one roams
Alone.....I falter...
Fearful of unknown...
Fearful... of dead of night
Fearful.... of whispers
Fearful of this dreadful plight

I believe our madness
emanates from within
begins with
a foundation of trepidation
topped by an unstructured mind
and in time we find
we have constructed
our own asylum
where there is
no sanity
calamity your bricks
agony your mortar...
apathy your key
to your new home
which is misplaced
and if displaced
shall free you
as anxiously awaiting
are all those emotions
you have been forsaking
anxiously awaiting
for you to escape your mind
anxiously awaiting
If you are so inclined

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