Sunday, January 14, 2024

Poem: "Houdini Outwits Mussolini" by Alan Lisanti

Houdini Outwits Mussolini
Alan Lisanti

I'm too smart to be the worm on your hook
But I lack hands to free myself
And so I wriggle and writhe
But adverse effects set the steel deeper
Embedded evermore firmly at its disposal
I can almost kiss the nylon now
As I wither in the Sun
Like a pig roast impaled and engulfed in the smoke
Rotating rotisserie
A plump feast for vulturous sadists
A celebration of some untold victory
And what's the angle...depravity?
Some stealth attempt at feeding the insatiable?
A pleasure in voyeuristic suffering?
The kind that conjures forth
Satisfactory smiles you'll try to conceal
Beneath this well composed exterior?
It isn't lost on me
Paint on your poker face
Stay in character
But I see the apparent transparency
So satisfied you don't know you show it
So sure the wool is impervious
To the subtle tells of opacity
Spit it out and free fall
Into the perilous deep
The abyssal mystery
It's awfully appealing to me
Just to take my chances
Among the food chain
Where fate is a lottery
Not a guarantee
I paralysed my convulsions
I played dead for a moment
I slid away from the nylon
Relaxed and didn't fight it
Fresh blood now
Where the knot and metal meet
And admired the new colours
How silver almost faded completely
Like a paint brush stuck with only crimson
I revel in my artistry
And so it seems if not alive
I must be useless
Even for bait
Or just joy to be the puppeteer to my suffering
Just when that hand reached in realization
That the fun was over
I caught a glimpse of my blood upon your callous skin
As I was tossed away like refuse
Into waters riddled with starving predators
And the blue became vibrantly red
It was mesmerizing to all of the hunters
Comfortable in their domain
They froze mid stride and mid-thought
Marveled at the new hues
That poured out of me
And blind now to the prey they were seeking
A glare disrupts this metamorphosis
Fresh food falls into their fortress
And the hook heaves them from seclusion
Into the realm of indecency
And this will have to suffice
For the game that you're playing
Intention is the same
But it's better them not me

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