Monday, March 4, 2019

Film Review: BLACKBIRD (Retrograde Productions) by Damien Lee Thorr

Main Cast: Sophie Skelton & Tim Fellingham
Written by: Tim Fellingham
Directed by: Tim Fellingham & Charlotte Stente Nielsen
Produced by: Tim Fellingham
Executive Producer(s): Retrograde Productions
BLACKBIRD premiered at the 2016 Screamfest Horror Film Festival
Written, directed, produced and starred by Tim Fellingham. This is a badly acted short film that was photographed beautifully and reflects dark imagery and explores human cruelty upon others. Even though it is a short film, it takes the viewer a moment to understand it but the outcome is clear and one can only guess what may follow as it ends on a cliff. It is entertaining but by no means a prize winner. I feel Fellingham's intentions were to provoke the viewer with very little, as one can imagine far worse than what one can sometimes see on screen (as with classic horror that doesn't rely on visuals), but after a moment it becomes predictable and spoils it. This is not a bad film but it is also not a prize winner. Overall, Fellingham may have a great future as a writer and director but he should let the acting go to virtuously skilled and better trained actors. -Damien Lee Thorr

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