Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Full Length Review: DISEN GAGE "The Big Adventure" (No Name Records) by Wynter Wilkins Lore Sahjaza

Place of origin: Moscow City, Russian Federation
Genre: Progressive rock, art rock
Full Length: The Big Adventure
Release date: February 24, 2019
Shiroyama, the first track opens this album in a haunting way. The guitar along with slight percussion lure you into a vast entrance of imaginative musical variety. Once inside we transition into Adventures, and this track lives up to the name. A progressive form of rock is detected immediately but with a slight sense of humor to it. At times you feel as if you are walking the high wire in a grand show while the music builds and carries you further along your escapade that had me traveling through many eras and genres at once. Chaos Point begins with a heavier tone, feeling like you are about to rock out, the guitar catches you instantly only to be joined by horns blending in to lend some jazz elements to this number. Enough lulls you in more softly with the melody in ways that embody rock with softer and yet at times even darker tones. All the Truths’ Meeting placed me in mind of a rock mesh with disco feel. Selfish Tango has components of instruments which highlight the unique melody of this tune. Perfect for the right duo to perform an iconic dance number two upon the movie screen. Carnival Escape began with the feeling we were entering a spy movie. The wide range of this tune and the length of it reminded me of what bands produced in the 1970s. Fin begins ever so softly, the piano allowing you to finish your drink at the bar as it is time to close. The guitar comes to life while the entire piece builds to a finale. This album lives up to the name, it is in fact, The Big Adventure. -Wynter Wilkins Lore Sahjaza

Konstantin Mochalov: Guitar, sound engineering
Sergei Bagin: Guitar, synth
Nikolai Syrtsev: Bass
Eugeny Kudryashov: Drums

Track list:
1. Shiroyama
2. Adventurers
3. Chaos Point
4. Enough
5. All the Truths' Meeting
6. Selfish Tango
7. Carnival Escape
8. Fin

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