Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Poem: 'The Artist' by Andy Horry

'The Artist'
By Andy Horry

Here I am, an artist, a poet;
Expressing myself right now,
Don’t you know it?

That’s right, I’m under the spotlight.
I’m the entertainment for the night.

All eyes on me and
The worth stays tight,
Attached right here,
This can’t be right.

The respect is stripped
from the crowd
And directed back to me.

I wish I could do that but
He’s the artist, not me.
I’m not an artist,
I’m just me…

So I’ll stick to watching
And drink my tea.
Keep a distance,
That’s just not for thee.

There he goes taking part in his craft
But he’s placed upon a pedestal,
Isn’t that a bit daft?

He’s glamourised and admired,
He’s applauded, yet oh so tired.

Oh my, isn’t he spectacular?
Yeah, but he’s freaky like dracula.

He craves the blood of the crowd
But not to keep him alive.
He craves the blood
To keep his old story alive.

I’m talented aren’t I?
Please tell me I’m great.
Let me sign your boobs, while my
Head is still straight.

Keep up the act of being below me,
That’s right, I’m just better than you,
That’s right, I’m just flowing through.
Sit tight, I’m not comparable to you.

I’m the artist, you’re the crowd,
Simmer down and hear me loud.

Deep down, he feels a sense
Of completeness; beyond
The desire to acquire.

His higher self has a message
For him, better late than never.

I must confess; I don’t know why,
You separate yourselves, some how.
We’re all just here,
We’re here right now.

It doesn’t feel right
But carry on, its not up to me.
Just do your thing,
It’s you that holds the key.

You might think that the act stops
When I leave the stage.

You might see a difference from
Your lives and the act you watch.

But we’re all actors in a film and
We write the script.
Perhaps it’s time to
Proof read It quick.

If you think you aren’t an artist
I’m afraid you’re wrong,
We’re all creators, we’re all
Just makers and we’re here
To enjoy the ride.

We’re here to be loud, as we slide
Down past the crowd
And detach from a need
To be feeling proud.

Let us all create and come together,
Stop fearing and start flowing
With the universe and all it’s creatures.

Be blissful with no need for
Approval from one another.

The act itself is more than
We’ll ever need.

But if we’re all artists
Doesn’t that mean no one is?

That’s right,
We’re just human beings.

Deeper than that, we’re
An unstoppable force,
Having a human experience.

So please remember,
Whenever you sit and watch
These so called artists,
Don’t see them as superior.

They aren’t superior to anyone.
They are just being human
And you are being human
Allowing them to be human
But don’t stop yourself from
Being human on an artists’ accord.

If you want to express yourself on a stage
Just go up and do it!
We all have the capability to be human
Because we are.

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