Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Poem: 'Wake to the Salt!' by Sarah McKellar & Rich Orth

'Wake to the Salt!'
By Sarah McKellar & Rich Orth, 01/27/2019
Once more upon a time,
A woman loved a man,
Before he set sail,
She knew she'd not see him again,
She tasted salty air
Parched lips
trembling despair
Weathered... she dreamt whether
He... the one should return
The storm rose quickly,
Along with the breeze,
As she stood anxiously,
And with horror watched the seas,
Shift and shape
into forms of denial
Wherest she could not wake
From the crest of this wave
Caught in the dream...
of a meandering sea,
Was this a twisted nightmare,
Or a new heartbreaking reality?
So as siren's mist...
Drifted away....
How she knew..oh, how true.
he was gone
Gone this day

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