Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Promotional Video Review: OKILLY DOKILLY 'They Warned Me' by Dameyian Sahjaza

Place of origin: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Genre: Metalcore
Video: They Warned Me (from their debut full length 'Howdilly Doodilly' released November 11, 2016)
Date of release: November 11, 2016
A heavy funtal band based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The eye is deceiving with this group. A great voice, over catchy riffs, with just enough synth to keep one mesmerized. Yet, they are all dressed like Ned Flanders with an air of geek surrounding them, and maybe a little sarcasm. Lacking a bit in the meaningful lyrics department, they still impress with their guttural sound and intense, energetic performances. "They Warned Me" is enough of a song to make you realize fun, catchy, and metal really does work. That is, unless you're too tough to enjoy life with a twisted smile (Funtal: a mashing together of fun and metal, for my non sober friends!). -Dameyian Sahjaza

Head Ned: Vocals
Shred Ned: Guitar
Bed Ned: Bass
Zed Ned: Synth
Dread Ned: Drums

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