Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Full Length Review: Sonikdevil & Mach Fox "New Dead Wave" (Independent) by Brynn Kali StarDew

Band: Sonikdevil & Mach Fox
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
County: USA
Genre: Darkwave, electro
Full length: New Dead Wave
Format: Digital album
Label: Independent
Release date: April 1, 2023
“Little Monster” was okay but nothing really that great. A fun jam, definitely has a Heavy Metal/Darkwave sound. I feel like it needs some more techno-electronic sounds. There is definitely potential here but it just kind of sounded like a traditional 80's punk song.
Track three “Let Us In” had the techno stuff going more for it! I liked the poetic lyrics too, I give them major credit for posting them on their Bandcamp! 10/10 for memorability since most band just assume you can understand their insane screaming over a whole band. I'm just like, “no I can't understand you, you honestly sound like a pissed off chipmunk”.
“Garden Of Dust” I could also understand thankfully. Great title and the lyrics were very relatable to me as a writer “but you grew up kind of strange, your mind was rearranged and you've been dead for years don't need their crocodile tears”. Such a great line.
Track five was a real Banger! I kind of was hoping every track would be like this. It sounded good with the techno sounds and had a ‘Rob Zombie’ feel that I haven't heard in a while! My favorite track on the album so far, keep up the good work!
“Barstools and Broken Fools” was fun. It just has too much traditional punk sound to be Darkwave in my opinion. I guess it's really more of just a name, or really is a “new type of Darkwave”. I'm just used to there being some techno element in “Dead Wave”. A pretty cool punk song still.
The horns at the beginning of “The 4th Kind” were excellent and definitely gave it an old school vibe. I was hoping to hear more of them but oh well. I liked that this song was about an alien woman. A very sexy concept. Maybe in the future, she would make good album art? All in all, I would recommend this band and I give them a 9/10. -Brynn Kali StarDew

Mach Fox: Vocals
Sonikdevil: All instruments

Track list:
1. New Dead Wave
2. Little Monster
3. Let Us In
4. Garden Of Dust
5. Circus Of The Damned
6. Barstools & Broken Fools
7. The 4th Kind

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