Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Voces De Ultratumba is a Spanish printed zine based in Puerto Rico. Editor and publisher John Collazo is also a member of the death metal band Church Of Deviance, the head DJ of the internet radio program Sindicato Metal and owner of Down To The Abyss Records. His involvement in the local scene and dedication to the underground is hard to deny considering the extent of his work. Collazo has several writers contributing to the zine including Paul Caravasi, editor and publisher of Soulgrinder Zine. The first issue featured Grave, Internal Bleeding, Nocturnus AD and others. The going rate for that issue was $3 USD; for issue #2 it’s #5. For five bucks you get lots of interesting reading material about well-known and upcoming death metal bands, and you might hear from a band or two from the classic era (the 80s). There are several fliers toward the front and back of this issue; one is for an upcoming metal festival happening in Rico this month (a weekend pass is available at the door for $30 USD), another advertises a new full length CD from Skinless who are also one of the bands interviewed. There is a page with photos from supporters of the zine who checked out the debut issue. Those who have been death metal fans since the 90s should recognize Lividity, Dehumanized and Malignancy. Those bands have remained active to this day and you can read about what they’re currently doing in their interviews. The other bands featured in this issue are Encrypted, Severe Mutilation, Zafakon, Sodomized Cadaver, 1000 Kadaveres, Sacrodeath, Sadorexia and California’s own Cryptic Slaughter who gave us the underground classics Convicted and Money Talks. Of course there are also CD and zine reviews, a news page with up to date information on bands and labels and information on ordering a regular subscription to the zine. -Dave Wolff

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