Wednesday, November 25, 2015

CD Review: PARRICIDE Sometimes It's Better To Be Blind And Deaf

Sometimes It's Better To Be Blind And Deaf
Mad Lion
4 seconds of some clean guitar… and then the brutal extreme onslaught begins. Parricide deliver a brutal and grindy experience. There's so much going on and it's so heavy, you can't help but to get up and start breaking stuff. The vocals accentuate the music very well. The gutturals are demonic and the highs are like a piercing knife to the eardrums. Overall, this is a very solid album all the way through, standouts are "We'll Surely Meet" and "Talented", but it is very hard to find a single favorite as they all really standout. Prepare yourself before listening and make sure your wife's/mom's/grandmother's fine china and all your valuables are put somewhere safe, crank it… and break shit! -Erik Martin

Track list:
1. Old
2. We'll Surely Meet
3. Just Poland
4. Smuggler Jack
5. I Don't Change
6. Supermarket and Me
7. My Property
8. Real Patriots
9. Stunners
10. Dillemas of a Young Warrior
11. I Hate Tattoos
12. Talented
13. I Am the True Warrior

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