Monday, November 16, 2015

Fiction: KEEPSAKE by Chris Chaos

Fiction by Chris Chaos
Also published in the anthology La Morte Piu Bella

It was in the early morning hours of the day, the fog has yet to lift as the sun is just barely visible on the horizon. The moon is still hanging in the sky and has taken on the appearance of a small toenail. A gentle breeze blows the trees as the nocturnal animals return from their hunt and back to their burrows. 
A man was driving his family through the back country roads on their way home from the beach. It was the end of their vacation and they had to return to reality the following morning. The day prior was the perfect day, very hot, but the ocean water was soothing and this young family needed the break away from the hectic city.
Sand was still in the underwear of the man and it irritated him while he tried to get comfortable as he drove. He wished that he would have changed prior to getting into the driver’s seat. He looked over at his wife who was slumbering in the passenger seat as the 3 children were also asleep in the back seat.
In the oncoming lane there was a man with crossed eyes driving a pickup truck erratically swerving from side to side. The father was half asleep himself as he noticed the truck coming directly at him. This vision brought him to full attention in an instant. His heart jumped and snapped him out of the daze. Now alert he was determined to get his family home safe and sound.
At the last second the pickup truck swerved into the lane the station wagon was in and the man stomped the accelerator as a horrified look fell onto the young dad's face. The moment of impact, glass shattering, metal screeching and crumpled bodies. The smell of gasoline fills the air. The engine sputters.
Father slams hard into the steering wheel, the Subaru logo imprinted upon his chest due to the force of the impact. He was not wearing his seat belt so his head swung around and his skull smashed into the dashboard spilling his brains everywhere.
The man's organs were crushed in the crash as his body ripped in two. His legs were pinned and rammed up under the wheel well as his spinal cord fluid dripped onto the seat washing the sand out of his underwear.
The mother who also was not wearing her seat belt flew through the windshield as the glass cut up, sliced and bloodied her beautiful face. She came to rest impaled on a stop sign, her blood and intestines littered the road from the car to her final resting place. Her blood was as red as the paint on the stop sign.
On the side of the road a child's 1st heartbeats were its last outside the womb, therefore mother was 7 months pregnant, but this baby will not live to see tomorrow. With a whimper and a final gasp of air, this baby choked on its own blood. A slumber it shall never awake from and a face that a mother will never see.
The children that were in the back seat met an abrupt end when they impacted with the ceiling of the car instantly breaking their necks. They never knew what hit them, innocence still intact. 
All you could smell was the scent of burning flesh and hair for about a quarter mile from the wreck. The gasoline dripped and caused several small fires.
Silence fills the air rudely cut short by the squawking of hungry vultures awaiting a meal. They gathered up on the telephone wire and await their turn.
The man that intentional caused this crash just sits smiling in his car as blood trickles down his face. His licks his lips and loves the bitter sweet taste of copper. He starts to chuckle which becomes a full blown maniacal laugh. He backs up his pickup truck as steam comes from under his hood. He sees one of the children badly wounded in the street desperately clinging to life. The man aims the front of the truck right at her and then stomps the gas pedal as the tires screech and then thump, thump, thud. Over the body of the little girl. She lets out a little cry as she is crushed under the large tires. The air is forced from her lungs as life leaves her body. Meat on the street.
The man calmly exits his vehicle, grabs a bag and walks over to the car. He carefully selects bloody pieces from the newly dead. Upon approaching the man he wonders what he should take. After a little thought he rips the heart out of his rib cage with his bare hands. He carefully bags up this souvenir and moves on to the woman.
Her summer dress was partially torn off in the crash exposing her best assets, her breasts. So the man diabolically takes a hacksaw out from his bag and goes to work removing both of her C-cups from her bloody crumpled body. He places the breasts in his bag and then moves onto the little girl that he ran over.
From a few feet away she appeared fine, like she was just resting in the road, her face so angelic looking up to the sky. The man thought of pure innocence. But as he approaches her body he saw his handiwork, her lower body was mangled beyond recognition. He was going to take her cheek since it was undisturbed but thinking about her innocence and her untouched parts he decided to rip her pants off and use a hunting knife to cut off her vaginal lips the best way he knew how. He carefully placed them in the bag while he was reminded of how this was very similar to hunting deer and taking choice trophies from the victims.
Now for the foreseen and true treasure of this incident that he caused. Once he realized that the woman was pregnant and saw the dead fetus laying in a pile of bloody afterbirth he knew what he wanted. He approaches the fetus and yanks it up from under burning rubber. He looks at the baby in its eyes as the blood drips back onto the road. He licks its face before pulling a knife from his side and beheading it. The head is carefully places in a plastic baggy for future use and the body tossed into mangled metal that is ablaze.
A crow looks down upon this unfortunate scene and caws loudly. This attracts the attention of the vultures who know they will be feeding soon enough. The coyotes also know what this means, they make their way to the road and the stench of burning rubber and flesh is growing stronger.
The sun is finally coming up and the fog is burning off. Yes it will be a hot muggy day and the sun shall bake this leftover mush leaving one hell of a scene for the next unfortunate person that ventures down this road.
The man packs up his keepsakes in the bag and goes back to his car. He gets in and adjusts the mirror. Looking back at the scene one last time he pulls his pants down and starts to touch himself. He starts off with a short stroke until he builds more momentum. After a minute he is fiercely jacking it so hard that he whole truck is shaking.
He continues to whack off until he cums all over his steering wheel. He wipes the excess jack off into the baggy that contained the little girls vagina. The car goes into drive as music plays and then fades over the hill.

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