Monday, November 16, 2015

Fiction: TALIAH'S REWARD by Corvo Obsidian Sahjaza

Fiction by Corvo Obsidian Sahjaza

Taliah waited naked on the bed for her Mistress who was still in the shower. In her hand was the new collar that Mistress had purchased for her. Taliah's mind was racing, her breath a bit shallow as she waited. Taliah was about 5'4" with straight brown hair, voluptuous and soft, large breasts and pale skin.
Mistress had told her to get out before her to dry off and wait for her on the bed. Tali's skin was still damp, her hair freshly combed and body slathered with vanilla scented lotion that Mistress loved. Taliah crawled over to the bed, and kneeled in the middle of it, her hand clutching the new collar. She spread her legs wide and placed her palms face up in Nadu. Her body trembled with tiny tremors.
As Mistress stepped out of the shower, Taliah listened intently to all the sounds around her. She heard her Mistress humming peacefully while slowly drying herself off, the creaking of the guest bed, which had seen better days, and the occasional comment from Mistress and a few giggles. Mistress was 5' 2", a curvy woman with curly black hair that cascaded down to her shoulders. While she might not have been tall, she was commanding and Taliah adored her.
Mistress hung up her towel and sauntered over naked to the bed.
"You're trembling my lambkins. You look so delicious and smell so nice tonight. Good enough to eat," she giggled. "Now is that special moment that we've been talking about for so long. I am now going to take off your training collar and replace it with the one I bought you. You will listen to these words intently I say them. Remember lamby, you're my slave, I am your Mistress and that's just the way we are."
"Yes, Mistress," Taliah whispered, the words barely audible.
Mistress gingerly removed the hemp-training collar, still a bit damp from the shower. In Taliah's hand, as commanded was the new collar. It was a silver tube collar, thin and delicate, that would warm to the touch after being on her neck. Mistress took the fragile collar out from Taliah's grasp and placed it around her neck. Taliah cooed.
"Pet, I want you to sit still and to listen very carefully to what I will be telling you. You need not say a word, and when we're all done, I have a special treat for you," Mistress spoke softly but firmly.
Taliah nodded, sitting as still as she could.
"My dearest lambkins, from this day forward until I release you, you are to be mine, and you are to obey me, honor me, and are loyal to me. You are my slave. You are for my pleasure. Your pleasure will be fulfilled in pleasing me."
And with that, Mistress secured the collar on Taliah's neck. Immediately Tali put her fingers to her throat to feel the tube of silver.
"It's growing warm Mistress..." she said, still quiet and dazed.
Mistress smiled and told Taliah to lie down on the bed. Mistress stretched out besides her smiling like a Cheshire cat.
"Lamby, I know you've been desirous, wanting to touch this body, my skin, to explore the way I taste and smell. Tonight you are free to touch me as you like."
Taliah was cautious. Such an open command, she thought. What to do first...
She took her fingers and gingerly traced Mistress' face, her neck. She savored each inch, moving slowly, her eyes half-closed, already moving into subspace. Mistress moaned blissfully, cooing and enjoying.
Tali was growing bolder, moving her fingers down the soft skin, down the belly, down to the thighs. Mistress spread her legs and said,
"Touch it, touch me, feel me, taste me lamby, I know you want to. You have permission."
Taliah moved down the bed, positioning herself between Mistress' legs. Gracefully she lowered her head and started to kiss the thighs, slow butterfly kisses. Mistress put her hands and arms above her head, stretching, spreading her legs wide open, purring.
The slave reached the source of Mistress' sweetness, the musky smell permeating her nostrils. With a flick of her agile tongue she began to lap at Mistress' pussy, tasting her, growing bolder.
"Mmmm.....yes little one, that's it...." Mistress moaned.
Her tongue traced the petal-like lips, pointed and then flat, lapping at the wetness that started to flow. Mistress pushed her slave's head deeper into her pussy. Tali started to use her fingers on the clit, feeling how it had engorged with blood, and the moans from Mistress making her own pussy moist and throbbing for attention.
Mistress' hips started to move up and down, using her slave's skillful tongue to start her on her way to cumming. Tali licked faster, rubbed harder knowing what pleased her Mistress. What a wonderful reward, she thought. Licking and slurping the little slave girl relished the sweet liquid oozing from her Mistress. Moaning louder Mistress held her head tight.
"Oh little one, don't stop....right there... oh yes! Make Mistress cum hard....uhhhhhnnnn yes!"
Tali lapped furiously, her tongue never tiring. Then she saw her owner's body stiffen and feel the great release that was her cumming. I have made her come, Tali thought.
"Oh god.....yes! Ohhh little one you please me sooooooo much....." Mistress was barely able to get her words out as she came hard on her slave's tongue.
Her body convulsed. Mistress let her slave's head go and took her shoulders and brought her mouth up to meet hers. Slowly she licked and kissed her slave's mouth, tasting her cum on her it off with her own teasing tongue and positioned Taliah next to her on the bed.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm little one that was sooooo nice," Mistress purred. "Come and cuddle with your is late and I am tired. You can still touch me as you like. I might fall asleep while talking to you, so if I do, know that I love you and that you please me very much."
"Yes, Mistress," Taliah responded pleased with herself in giving her Mistress so much pleasure.
Tali continued to rest in Mistress' arms the rest of the night, unable to sleep. She traced her owner's body as Mistress drifted off to sleep. She watched her as she rested, content, happy and whole for the first time.

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