Friday, April 1, 2016

Poem: "Master Doubted" by Linzie Grotesque

"Master Doubted"

Each blaspemy is another stone to the edifice of your glory
I want to be the rock on which you'll bind your sanctuary
blinde the unknowingful and acknowledgment

Am I the daughter you've been waiting for?
Am I the chosen one?
To be your beholder here on earth
And to sit at your left wing when you rot in hell

I've always ignored the doubt
Answers are in the questions
Feeling pain in which unknown
abondment within strife
Show me the way to a masters throne forbidden path disobeyed [withered away in your gallows]

Guide my hand, light my path
My mouth will speak with your words with wrath,
I'll make statements with your orders
I'll be the supreme insult
Which will forevermore soil the image of you deary

Autumn dreary
I'll be your revenge, I'll be your victory
Guide my hand, light my path do whats need to be done kill two birds with one stone

Show me the way, youll light my path
To reach one day my masters throne...

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