Friday, April 1, 2016

Poem: 'The Words I Can Not Say' by Laura Petellat

The Words I Can Not Say

I want to write you a letter, say the words you want to hear.
So many times with pen and paper I sat and wrote the lines.
Words falling from ink laden pen, between the blue...
Expressing every pain I wrought upon myself and you.
I want to clear the air and make a path a new,
to ring words so true you fall away in tears.
Bring you closer than ever before with lilting gifts of poetry,
wrap my thoughts around you like ropes you can't release.
Pull you in and trap you, bring you to your knees.

I can't you know. You've left me out.

I tried to be her. All of her...
Every girl you ever wanted,
Everything you'd need.
I laid myself on burning coals
and you just watched me bleed.

I swim here in this lonely sea.
Raging for long burnt bridges
Pining for the safety of your shores
Wondering in aimless swirls
for you, for you,
only for you.

Grunting screams,
to start' myself from waking dreams
Driving in the pouring rain
Does God cry all my raging tears?
Do angels feel my pain?

At last it seems this never ends,
me wishing for you to let me in
and you happy as if I never existed
Dissolved to you for my unforgiven sin.

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