Friday, April 1, 2016

Poem: 'No More' by John White

No More
By John White

So many scars on my heart, mind, and arm.
They’ll never fully fade. It’s time to end the self-harm.
I burned my arm. I slit my wrist.
Too many negative thoughts, it’s an endless list.
No more heartbreak. No more destruction.
No more us. It’s time for reconstruction.
Time to build myself, and do something with my life.
Get a job, go to school. Be done with this strife.
There’s so much to come. It’s been too long since I’ve had hope.
I’m not saying I’m better, just for once I want to cope.
I’m far from better. It’ll take lots of work.
I’m walking this path and I’ve come to a fork.
The right path leads to you, where beauty masks endless pain.
The left path looks painful, but has more beauty to be gained.
I choose to walk left and conquer these trials
Of getting my head back, and breaking through the denial.
The first steps are hard, but I won’t turn around.
An unknown happiness inside myself is being found.
I no longer need you to actually feel joy.
I’m done being treated like I’m some sort of toy.
I’m a human like you and don’t deserve the way you treat me.
I’m not a punching bag and I won’t let you beat me.
So this is goodbye. It’s over. We’re through.
Even after all of this, I know I’ll miss you.
I have to move on, and put this in the past.
Let myself heal, but the process isn’t fast.

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