Thursday, July 7, 2016

CD Review: ALL OUT WAR Dying Gods

Dying Gods
Organized Crime
Wait a minute. Is this the hardcore/thrash metal band that was active in the early 90’s, and appeared in some underground fanzines in those years? Well, this is a surprise and a totally underrated gem from New York. This is pure fucking Armageddon of crunchy thrash metal with high doses of punk. All of the tracks are composed with solid guitar riffs and remind me of a large list of old bands like Machine Head, Body Count, Sick Of It All, Exodus and of course Slayer (90s era). Of course we are talking about musicians with experience in extreme music, with short pants, an attitude and literally tons of balls. Also, they know that at some point in the 90’s the genre was mixed with other influences, and everything sounds well balanced. If you ask me this EP release has obvious references to hardcore, punk and thrash in a well-conceived mix with cathartic vocals. This is highly recommended for those who lived the 90’s to the bone, and you will feel like head banging since the first distorted note. These guys include cover versions of Amebix and Carnivore. You will worship this shit, I say! -Victor Varas

1. Dying Gods
2. Vengeance Reigns Eternal
3. Nothing Left to Bleed
4. Servants to the Obsolete
5. Choking on Indifference
6. Arise (Amebix cover)
7. God Is Dead (Carnivore cover)

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