Tuesday, July 5, 2016

CD Review: FILTHY TWOLIPS Complete Discography

Complete Discography
Listening to Filthy Twolips you’d never suspect they formed as recently as 2004. The rawness and brief duration of their songs present every indication of an obscure punk/hardcore band from the glorious eighties. The Long Island band instantly carried me back to when I discovered the likes of MDC, Fear, Gang Green and The Accused and started going to Right Track Inn and Sundance around 1986-87, when most others at my school were listening to Ratt and Bon Jovi. I can safely say I was reminded what appealed to me in those formative years. I still look back on it as an exciting time as I was experiencing something new and cutting edge, and had little doubt it would inscribe itself on popular music for years to come. After all this time I’m still learning about early punk and hardcore and finding out there is still much to learn. I completely forgot numetal, emo, screamo, babymetal and the other trends that were built around early underground hardcore and returned to its simplistic-yet-effective basics. This compilation of Filthy Twolips embodies them spotlessly. Complete Discography is what I’d recommend people listen to first through each of their releases can be streamed at their Bandcamp profile. It’s a collection of all material from their 2005 EP Semen Of The Crime and their 2006 full length Workin’ A Broad, with demos (presumably from their 2004 demo Chicken Fried Steak) and live tracks added for good measure, hence many tracks appearing more than once here. This is the first release of the band’s since their hiatus ended in 2013 and began working on new material. As I was getting at before the band is raw and uncompromising, and these songs mete out the tone of entering a club at the height of their set, getting caught up in the energy. Favorites include Tom Sizemore, Packin’ Wood, Sex Offender, Grab The Junk, Gimme Gimme VD Baby, Yellow Fever, John Basedow and a live cover of Minor Threat’s Small Man, Big Mouth. The band released a new EP this year and are working on new material. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Tom Sizemore
2. Sex Offender
3. Fistful of Lollipops
4. Underage Broads (at the IGA)
5. Raw Doggin’
6. Gimme Gimme VD Baby
7. Thirteen Seconds
8. Chawpin' at the Neck
9. Grab the Junk
10. MacGyver
11. Four Piece A Tuna Sushi
12. Domestic Disturbance (at the Bayhouse)
13. Packin' Wood
14. Combos (Pepperoni Pizza)
15. Yellow Fever
16. John Basedow
17. Bald Beaver
18. Pearl Necklace
19. Darkness at Noon
20. Suck It!
21. Battle of the Somme
22. Sex Offender (of the Highest Level)
23. On Your Knees
24. Kamikaze
25. I'm Union, I'm Lazy!
26. Creeping Death
27. Tom Sizemore
28. Grab the Junk (live)
29. Evacuate (outtake)
30. I'm Union, I'm Lazy! (acoustic)
31. Raw Doggin' (demo)
32. Tom Sizemore (demo)
33. Grab the Junk (demo)
34. Battle of the Somme (demo)
35. Chawpin' at the Neck (demo)
36. Thirteen Seconds (demo)
37. Domestic Disturbance (demo)
38. Combos (demo)
39. Boca Grande (live) • Digital Bonus
40. Dog the Bounty Hunter (demo)

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