Monday, July 4, 2016

Video Review: BRUTAL DEATH FUCK Alcohol by Dave Wolff

From the 2011 album Cunts Of Disease
This is the second promotional video Brutal Death Fuck made for Cunts Of Disease, in turn available for streaming at Bandcamp with their 2013 single The Devil’s Whiskey. If you’ve been piss drunk (at least once in your life) you’ll most likely get the dark humor inherent in this video. It starts with grainy black-and-white footage of Metal Devastation Radio’s Zachary Moonshine (his interview can be read here) serenading booze with an acoustic guitar, in the middle of some desert. It’s an insinuating riff that suggests a state of alcoholic stupor where personal demons are faced but not completely revealed to us. Something so introspective it can’t be revealed, but the love of getting drunk overshadows it. The first verse and chorus is succeeded by a full band ensemble making the cut sound like a heavier Alice In Chains, trading death metal vocals and vocals resembling an inebriated Layne Staley. A recurring line from the chorus is “I never wanted any of this/I never needed any of this”, though it is unclear what the speaker is drinking to deal with. Accompanying the song from this point are clips of Moonshine playing an electric guitar in his room, then photos and clips of assorted shit faced partiers and clubgoers, shown in the same grainy POV in which we saw him playing his acoustic guitar. The last three minutes is a cut of a party guest who had just blown chunks in the toilet, and Moonshine taking a break for a bong hit. The ending credits are shoutouts to friends and fans, and an admonition not to drink and drive. Moonshine’s Youtube profile has a behind the scenes featurette of sorts, which should bring back memories of hanging out and getting plastered with friends. -Dave Wolff