Tuesday, September 27, 2016

CD Review: BLACK CULT Cathedral Of The Black Cult

Cathedral Of The Black Cult
Metal Scrap Records
Black Cult is a Croatian black metal project formed by prominent scene members- Insanus and Morbid in 2013. After being respectively joined by Leznik and Azaghal in 2014, the lineup of Black Cult was completed with The Fallen in 2015. “Cathedral of the Black Cult” is their second full length release. The commencing track “The Black Cathedral” displays the sheer talent of all members and certainly achieves their statement of wanting to combine the newer elements and trends of black metal with an old school brutality and attitude. “Worship the Beast” displays the technical precision and brutality that is customary of Black Cult. A stand-out track displaying their precision and cohesiveness while the chaotic tempo serves to highlight their obvious passion and talent for their music. Continuing onto “Dark Matter” displays a more upbeat blackened thrash tempo- offset by harsh and uncompromisingly brutal vocals ensure the listener is enthralled by the excellent musical diversity displayed within “Cathedral of the Black Cult”. “Until the Devil Takes Us” displays a more blackened- doom element while still remaining true to the aesthetics of Black Cult. A consistently musically and creatively sound track, once again serving to display Black Cult’s extensive musical diversity. “The Witches Dance” utilizes a more dramatic and brutal aspect of Black Cult’s diversity- the drum work is an exercise in technique and precision alone. Rapid tempo switches and consistent brutality ensures the listener is captivated. Continuing onto “Hierophant” ensures the listener holds a firm appreciation of this track. A more mournful and pensive tone is taken in “Hierophant” as opposed to the prior tracks, but still is a consistently strong track on a highly musically diverse release. “Undeath” has slight drone aspects artfully combined with the brutal black metal the listener has come to expect of Black Cult. Seamlessly combining the two styles with rapid tempo shifts, continually strong and consistent vocals and musical cohesiveness engage the listener further. “Gaze of Insanity” ensures the listener is once again left captured by Black Cult’s diversity with a more blackened speed aspect to this track. The slower tempo sections allow the musicians to be fully appreciated and enjoyed both individually and as a project. “Ego Te Absolvo” is the final original track by Black Cult on this release and is a masterful display of speed, precision and brutality. With so many brutal and strong musical aspects to this track- it is a fitting conclusion to their original tracks. A concluding cover of Motorhead’s “Kingdom of the Worm” is a welcome surprise ending with Black Cult adding their customary brutality. -Sarah McKellar

Track list:
1. Black Cathedral
2. Worship the Beast
3. Dark Matter
4. Until the Devil Takes Us
5. The Witches Dance
6. Hierophant
7. Undeath
8. Gaze of Insanity
9. Ego Te Absolvo
10. Kingdom of the Worm (Motörhead cover)

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