Monday, December 28, 2020

Split Review: Haggus/Toxocariasis "Worldwide Menticide: Grotesque Global Ganglioneuroma" (FYL Records) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Band: Haggus
Location: Oakland, California
Country: USA
Genre: Mince gore
Band: Toxocariasis
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Country: Canada
Genre: Goregrind
Split: Worldwide Menticide: Grotesque Global Ganglioneuroma
Format: Cassette
Label: FYL Records
Release date: July 2020
It is almost 2am in the morning while writing this. Sleep should probably be my priority; but it seems as if I am typing away on my computer... listening to goregrind music. Anyway...
During my usual escapades of Youtube goregrind and gorenoise foraging I happened to stumble upon a 2020 split between Haggus and Toxocariasis. The name of the split is ''Worldwide Menticide: Grotesque Global Ganglioneuroma,'' and it was released in July on FYL Records.
A supposed mix of mincegore and goregrind, this split is a short one; but it for sure manages to grab my attention. Haggus has always been a great band to bang your head to (or destroy your surroundings in a primal berserker rage), but I know much less about Toxocariasis.
After listening, I can state that the Toxocariasis is much more lo-fi than the Haggus, and although Haggus is my preference, I would for sure be interested in checking out some future (or previous) releases from Toxocariasis. (I will also throw it out there that I enjoyed Toxocariasis even more on my second listen... the speakers need to be loud).
Featuring 7 tracks in under 12 minutes, this one is a quick little shotgun blast to the cranium that should be enjoyed by many a grind fan around the globe. As for me, I am on my third play through, and I encourage everyone to give this one a spin.
Who needs sleep when you can grind? –Devin Joseph Meaney

Gorehog: Vocals, bass
Hambone: Vocals, guitar
Lil Giz: Drums

Bender Ham: Vocals
Piss Lord: Guitar
Anal Bandit: Drums

Track list:
Side A
1. Haggus: Descent to Damnation 
2. Haggus: Infernal Demise 
3. Haggus: Entombed in Religion 
4. Haggus: Who's the Real Problem 
Side B
5. Toxocariasis: Trash Orifice 
6. Toxocariasis: Severed Brains Preserved in Gasoline 
7. Toxocariasis: Total Decimation at Uno

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