Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Split Review: Purulent Spermcanal / Carnal Diafragma (Bizarre Leprous Production) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Band: Purulent Spermcanal
Location: Ostrava
Country: Czechia
Genre: Death metal/goregrind
Band: Carnal Diafragma
Location: Ostrava
Country: Czechia
Genre: Goregrind
Format: Compact disc
Label: Bizarre Leprous Production
Release date: August 14, 2020 
I was observing the available listening pleasures on Youtube when I happened to come across the 2020 split between Purulent Spermcanal and Carnal Diafragma. I could go on a tangent about how great Carnal Diafragma is... but let's cut to the chase.
Starting off with Purulent Spermcanal... I can state that this stuff is pretty damn good. Overall, my favorite part of this side of the split is the guitar tone and riffs. The vocals are decent, but my favorite placement is the Haemorrhage style choking sounds. I will also mention that the drums are tight and vicious... so all in all, I have no problem saying that Purulent Spermcanal is worth listening to!
Moving forward, we now head to Carnal Diafragma. Although I enjoyed the Purulent Spermcanal... I'd be lying if I didn't say Carnal Diafragma was my preference. Vocals/guitars/drums... everything about this band is enticing to my eardrums. After finishing the split, I could barely fight the desire to stand up and mosh around my bedroom, destroying everything in my goregrind fueled wake.
Both of these bands hail from Ostrava, Czech Republic. I assumed that Carnal Diafragma was the longer-spanning band on this disc, but apparently Purulent Spermcanal predates Carnal Diafragma. (Purulent Spermcanal began in 1995 and Carnal Diafragma in 1997).
Released August 2020 on Bizarre Leprous Productions, You should probably snag this one... or at the very least give it a view. The Purulent Spermcanal is great. But Carnal Diafragma never fails... Goregrind for life! –Devin Joseph Meaney


Purulent Spermcanal
Marunič: Guitars, vocals
Kubis Huža: Bass
Kokeš Mandok: Drums

Carnal Diafragma
Kino: Vocals
Robert: Guitars, vocals
David: Bass
Lukáš Jelínek: Drums

Track list:
1. Purulent Spermcanal: Todays Menu - Human Roast
2. Purulent Spermcanal: Carnal Diafragma Is Not Grind Core 
3. Purulent Spermcanal: Mouth Full of Blood 
4. Purulent Spermcanal: Pus 
5. Purulent Spermcanal: And Rožan Knows It....
6. Purulent Spermcanal: Maggot Feast for Invitees
7. Purulent Spermcanal: Leg Ass Torso
8. Carnal Diafragma: Preventivní ejakulace obyvatel
9. Carnal Diafragma: S červy nejsou žerty 
10. Carnal Diafragma: Vaječní zajatci v konzervačním táboře
11. Carnal Diafragma: Hymen Monster
12. Carnal Diafragma: Purulent Spermcanal Is Not Impetigo

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