Thursday, December 17, 2020

Split Review: Psychoneurosis/Herida Profunda/Suffering Quota "In Fear We Trust" (7 Degrees Records) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Country: Poland
Genre: Grindcore
Country: Poland
Genre: Grind/crust
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Grindcore
Split: In Fear We Trust
Format: Digital album, 12” vinyl (also one sided vinyl, 7" pizza boxset tape, 3 way split CD, split cassette)
Label: 7 Degrees Records (see links for additional labels and formats)
Release date: December 11, 2020
A while back Dave Wolff from Asphyxium Zine sent me a split to check out. I didn't get around to viewing it right away, but when I did, I was glad that Dave happened to be thinking of me. A three way between Psychoneurosis, Herida Profunda, and Suffering Quota, this split happened to be the little zing I needed to get me back into the reviewing side of things.
Starting off with Psychoneurosis, we have an Extreme Noise Terror cover and some original material. The cover is pretty great, and the original song throws up the same level of head banging awesomeness. With an Extreme Noise Terror cover, I feel as if I don't need to explain what you are in for here. Fans of the grind should know full well the leanings pushed forth from this kind of act.
Clocking in at second is Herida Profunda. The same kind of energy is presented here as with the Psychoneurosis, but the recording quality is a bit raw-ish, the sound is a tad more primal, and the tracks have a shorter duration. Still, Herida Profunda (I'm pretty sure this is my first time hearing of them?) manage to create a sound that is pleasurable to my ears, and I am intrigued to hear more from this band of supposed maniacs.
Lastly, we have Suffering Quota. Again, the grinding is the same style as the first two acts, and again, these tracks are definitely worth listening to... and I'd be glad to give more of Suffering Quota's material a shot. There is not much more to say except that I fully support the purchase of this album... and the last track closing this split really drives the whole thing home.
It is hard to pick a favorite, but I am leaning towards a slight preference to Psychoneurosis, with Suffering Quota coming in at a close second. (No worries HxPx... your tracks are pretty damn solid too).
When it comes down to it though, I think all bands on here chuck up a solid effort, and although the split is not very long, it fully manages to grab my attention... and I hope it does yours too. Fucking solid! –Devin Joseph Meaney


Sonia: Vocals
Laski: Guitar
Jędrzej: Bass
Janek: Drums

Herida Profunda
Piotr "Edi" Kwiatek: Vocals
Jędras: Guitar
Gavlish: Bass
Jachu: Drums

Suffering Quota
Gerald: Vocals
René: Guitar
Stiff: Bass
Martin: Drums

Track list:
1. Psychoneurosis: Believe What I Say (Extreme Noise Terror cover)
2. Psychoneurosis: Where Are We Heading
3. Herida Profunda: Power of the People
4. Herida Profunda: Holy Books
5. Herida Profunda: Remembrance Day 
6. Herida Profunda: Alerta 161
7. Suffering Quota: Rage
8. Suffering Quota: Bastardized Yesterday

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