Saturday, May 15, 2021

Full Length Review: Blue Ox "Holy Vore" (Lost Archives Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Blue Ox
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Country: USA
Genre: Metal/hardcore/punk
Full Length: Holy Vore
Format: Cassette, vinyl, digital
Label: Lost Archives Records
Release date: April 2, 2021
What’s good everyone? How about we get right into a new album review? I think it’s time and coming straight from the Bandcamp vault we have the 2021 release of “Holy Vore” by Blue Ox! So firstly I want to address and expect of this album that I absolutely adore, the AGGRESSION! You know so many bands out there portray a ‘tough, mean, brutal’ exterior but very few bands actually sound convincing or legitimate.
This band doesn’t have that problem! From the screeching, maniac vocals to the heavy, distorted guitar and bass my goodness it’s a feeling of relentless aura that I can’t put into words without listening to it for yourself!
Although not all songs on this project are short I feel they take some inspiration from a band like ‘Nails’ as there are a few under two minute cuts of just pure brutality and reckless instrumentation which I feel when does right is the best served short because when your in the mood for something intense and brutal nothing scratches that itch more I believe then short bursts of intensity and that’s exactly what’s provided here (in small handfuls).
But I feel what’s equally impressive is how they are able to pull off this level of aggression in longer fragments, a rule of thumb I normally carry around is (Especially with the more extreme sub genres of metal) if a track is too long you’re going to lose the ‘emotional’ span of your listeners, for example if a movie was three hours along and that whole movie was nothing but a massive fight scene it would get stale very fast, but if one episode of a show had nothing but action scenes it would stand out as a highlight for this very reason.
So this is why I give this band all the credit in the world for maintaining the emotional span of the listeners with their extraordinary production, sound and animosity.
Look, this album will obviously not be for everyone, I know metal heads who won’t go heavier then bands like ‘Trivium or Killswitch Engage’ but if you’re a fan of the heavier tiers then you’ll love this album as much as me!
I’ll link it below, go check it out and Support the band for the amazing job they're doing!
-Corban Skipwith

Dennis Hanson: Lead vocals
Logan Kelly: Guitar
Mike Van Heel: Guitar
Luke Olson: Bass, vocals
Dan Johnson: Drums

Track list:
1. It Doesn’t Work
2. Imploding Lazarus
3. Fly By Blight
4. Left To The Drift
5. Lesser Gods And The Science Of Superstition
6. Terrestrial Anxiety
7. Nostrum Bomb

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