Sunday, May 30, 2021

Full Length Review: Les Chants Du Hasard "Livre Troisième" (The Orchard Music/Fingered Productions) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Les Chants Du Hasard
Location: Paris
Country: France
Genre: Orchestral black metal
Full Length: Livre Troisième
Format: Compact disc, digital album
Label: The Orchard Music/Fingered Productions
Release date: April 9, 2021
Oh boy.
You know, when you get into the habit of reviewing and listening to albums on the weekly you start to assume you get this sense of ‘familiarity’ with guessing how the next album will sound or feel but it’s just a mental illusion because every album is different and this is definitely no exception!
“Livre Troisième” by Les Chants Du Hasard.
So, this is (I believe) the latest album by a French band released in April of 2021, I gotta say I think this is my first French band I’ve ever heard! Definitely ever reviewed so I’m happy about that milestone! Anyway, this album is described as:
-Gothic Opera
-Black Metal
-Neo Classical
And let me tell you all something, not only is it indeed all those things but it’s also the perfect evolution to ‘Black’ or ‘Symphonic’ Metal that I’ve been waited for, for years now! This album is amazing to me in every single way!
First of all the production, it sounds just like a horror adaptation of Classical Opera music, it’s got that vinyl feel to it, as if it was recorded in the 30-40’s from the aesthetic to the performances by what sounds like a man and a woman to the dark ambient vibe presented it’s all perfect.
Another thing to take into careful consideration is the smart and mysterious track list and positioning of the songs. Every track is titled ‘Chant’ followed by I to VIII and put in order as follows.
That’s a small thing that I love because with naming the tracks like that it introduced the promise of consistent flow throughout the project and it does exactly that!
Every track flows into the next without any interruptions or distractions from non-conceptual songs, each song has a place and a purpose to enlarge, magnify and evolve the track in front of it and it really shows!
From the vocals to the aesthetic this track nails every element in the creation of a genius, cultivated and impressive show of creativity and originality.
I’ll link the album below and of course this album will not sound good to all of you, but if you agree to give it a fighting chance I know it can impress you!
-Corban Skipwith

Hazard: Music, voice
Marfa Khovansky: Soprano
Melitza Torres: Soprano
Vaerohn (Pensées Nocturnes): Voice
Göran Setitus: Voice

Track list:
1. Chant I - Le Moine
2. Chant II - Les Prismes
3. Chant III - Le Reflet
4. Chant IV - Salve Regina
5. Chant V - Les Milliers d'une Fois
6. Chant VI - La Comptine
7. Chant VII - L'oubli
8. Chant VIII - Le Repos

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