Saturday, May 15, 2021

Poem: "Black the Raven" by M Teresa Clayton

Black the Raven
M Teresa Clayton

Black the raven, black the crow,
Black sun hangs in a fiery glow.
Red the rosebud, red the blood,
Red Leviathan beneath the flood.
Black the cauldron, black the veil,
Black Madonna, thy holy grail.
Red the blood-line, Red the wine,
Red the water; a dark sanguine.
Black the magic, black the night,
Black the Crone Witch takes her flight.
Red the earth’s crust, red the moon dust,
Red the loins from her lover’s lust.
Black the Panther, black the bat,
Black the familiar; the feral cat.
Red the copper, red the jewel,
Red the markings of the king’s young fool.
Black the raven, black the crow,
Never giving up the secrets they know.
Red the rosebud that is pure and true;
Red is the price for those who knew.
Black are the damned and black the blessed.
Black is the shadow the veil has kissed.
No red for the one who shall remain blind.
No color at all will the inquisitor’s find.
Black raven carries the knowledge of kings.
Black crow remembers incredible things.
Red dragon protects the lineage of those
Marked with the chalice of the red, red rose.

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