Monday, March 7, 2022

Full Length: Car Bomb "Mordial" (Holy Roar) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Car Bomb
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Country: USA
Genre: Math metal
Full Length: Mordial
Format: Digital album, compact disc, vinyl, blue vinyl
Label: Holy Roar
Release date: September 27, 2019
Damn! It’s so good to take a break from reviewing a ‘Black Metal’ album, not that I don’t love the sub-genre but every now and then it’s good for a shake up and that’s exactly what we have here! And just as the band name implies this is one hell of an explosion!
So this is the 2019 album by Car Bomb featuring twelve songs that honestly all kick ass!
First of all, I love the combination of intensity and diversity featured on the project! There’s so many sound elements and influences I can point out!
-Nu Metal
-Alternative Metal
It’s just a bucket list and a half of different sounds and aesthetic and all of them surprisingly work! You’ve got some songs with heavy Metalcore breakdowns that are suddenly accompanied by some really nice clean vocal harmonies! Then you have moments of what sounds like the Nu Metal influences with that Electronic/Hip Hop feel to them.
Then you’ve got that lingering attitude of Punk in the background and in the vocals you can hear the distain and rebellious nature in his personality and outlook on the record! You’ve even got some moments representing the Grunge nature in the way those guitars and drums work!
It’s insane that so many elements can be found in one project, normally one or two styles is common and something to except but this many? And then to make it feel welcoming and interesting instead of bloated and unnecessary is crazy unique and something I have to take my hat off for them doing!
I feel like people will see this as the perfect mix bag of treats (Metal edition) it’s got so many variables to indulge in yet still maintains that tough, metal exterior for metalheads to headbang to! This is a fine example of a band putting their influences on their sleeve while simultaneously giving the middle finger to the world!
It’s the perfect combination of creativity meets brutality and I’m all the better for having heard it!! –Corban Skipwith

Michael Dafferner: Vocals
Greg Kubacki: Guitar
Jon Modell: Bass
Elliot Hoffman: Drums

Track list:
1. Start
2. Fade Out
3. Vague Skies
4. Scattered Sprites
5. Dissect Yourself
6. Xoxoy
7. HeLa
8. Blackened Battery
9. Mordial
10. Eyecide
11. Antipatterns
12. Naked Fuse

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