Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Poem: "Shifting" by Sky Claudette Soto

Sky Claudette Soto

Blessed be and Blessed we for the food that we've, consumed ,divinely touching our ever sumptuous palate,shifting unto the shape of a talisman carved into stone.
Seeping deeply unto our sacral,as a beauteous owl sweeps pass,brushing my bejeweled and doll like face,flushed in romanticism,as Orange kyanite shifts through my vesseled,flesh a crisp and cool Mountain air kisses my face,as the sounds of diviness and delight echo throughout and through a golden horned gramophone playing in the wee distance and in the wee hours of the day and into the eve of the night,as honeysuckle candles are burned and lit ,it's wicker wicks ignite tonight's night,harmoniously and majestically.

First American Publishing Rights only
Copyright: written by Sky Claudette Soto. Dec. 2021

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