Friday, March 25, 2022

Full Length Review: Various Artists "A Time Of Sorrow" (Ocularis Infernum, Black Tears) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Various Artists
Full Length: A Time Of Sorrow
Format: Digital album, CD
Label: Ocularis Infernum, Black Tears
Distributed by: Wine & Fog Distribution, Nadir Music
Release date: December 25, 2021
We are officially back guys and today we are discussing a compilation album created in 2021 and released on Ocularis Infernum and Black Tears with fourteen tracks featuring the following bands.
-Angel Of Anger
-In Autumn
-Forsaken Legion
-Seraphs From Hell
-Obscurum Malum
So, first impressions? This is some kickass collection of various Metal with each band giving their own refreshing take, direction and stamp on the respective sub genres. This is where having a compilation album has it’s pros because honestly I’m not the biggest fans of those types of records unless it’s a soundtrack to something but as I said the one thing good about them is that it can show many different sides and variety of a certain sound which can be great for the sonic palette.
I will say, I like the overall ‘dark and brooding’ nature of this record. It has this real doom feeling to it that I really like, among all the bands and songs they seem to all feature these incredible display of expert drumming, technically sound guitar and some absolutely groovy base. I also love how despite the ‘heavy’ nature of the record they know when to switch it up and bring something new to the record.
For example the third track in ‘What’s Done is Done’ which sounds like this Symphonic metal/Alternative Metal hybrid that is angelic to the ears, it has this amazing melody for the chorus, such a soft spoken yet hypnotic singing combined with those long, captivating guitar patterns in the background as he’s singing only to be followed up by a short guitar solo it’s all perfectly timed!
This is what I was talking about earlier about compilation records, for those who aren’t down with listening to a full album by a band or artist because they don’t want to hear the same sound for a certain length of time then these things provide the perfect amount of mystery, diversity and new sounds that help those types of people enjoy multiple different styles at once.
Do I find this an album I would personally play on repeat? Honestly I’m not the biggest fan of these types of records but considering the amount of really great tracks, the top notch production and the level of pure ability each artist brings to the table then yeah there’s no reason why I wouldn’t play this in the background while I’m walking my dog, cleaning or playing PS4.
Do you fit the description of someone who needs a whole collection of styles to keep you entertained? Then this is the perfect record for you. It’s purposely shuffled in sound, it’s masterfully created and It’s just a fun show bag of ‘what’s what?’ all wrapped up in an absolute banger of a record. Go check it out below! Corban Skipwith

Track list:
1. Natron (Death Metal): Undead Awake
2. Angel Of Anger (Black/Death/Gothic Metal): Ars Moriendi
3. In Autumn (Death/Dark Metal): What’s Done Is Done
4. Desecrate (Melodic Death Metal): Burning Books
5. Forsaken Legion (Black Metal): Inner Shadow
6. Gorepest (Black Metal): Ceremony Of Xul
7. Humangled (Death Metal): Wallstreetcleaner
8. Stormcrow (Alpine Black Metal): Nanga Parbat
9. Orve (Black Metal): Unmasking The Lamb
10. Kryptonomicon (Death/Black Metal): The Experiment Of Dr. K
11. Cronoth (Raw Black Metal): Uncrowned King
12. Seraphs From Hell (Death/Black Metal): Cynical Raid
13. Dowhanash (Draco Metal): O.N.W.O.
14. Obscurum Malum (Raw Shaman Black Metal): Phantasma

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