Monday, March 20, 2023

Poem: "ไฟ (Fị) [Fire]" by Tanner Reiss

ไฟ (Fị) [Fire]
Tanner Reiss, December 26th, 2022

ไฟ in Thai means fire
Vibrant and angelic
Driven and eclectic
Gauged by a simple metric
For whom I write this lyric:
Heart and soul burn with ไฟ
Brighter than the Thai sun
Determination just like Tyson
Like glow of Finnish winter snow
Eyes soft as glass shine
Beauty surpassing Glasgow Skyline
A dream it is to call your ไฟ mine.
History through time aged fine wine
Divided by expanse of Ocean shore
Waves below, your palace to explore.
Queen of water - such is Ariel
Her hair, your heart on ไฟ
We both slog through grime
And together grind in slime
But for you, I shall climb every rhyme
Guided by flame burning ไฟ
A lone wolf will learn to fly.
Guided by flame burning ไฟ
A lone wolf will learn to fly
Soaring ever so, so ever high
Thy doth not touch ground
If ground thy touch doth not be sky
Soon it is to make proclaims like this
By my ไฟ, I know not how nor why
But true my proclaim surely is
Sure as this, the penultimate line
Let not ไฟ die, thanks for being mine.

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