Monday, March 20, 2023

Poem: "Repetition Begs The Question That Silence Solidifies" by Alan Lisanti

Repetition Begs The Question That Silence Solidifies
Alan Lisanti

why do I speak
to the wall
absorbing words
and echoes
observe the response
patterns of indulgence
internal orbit of the mind
in your lonely solar system

is projected unto all
the threatening things
that remind you of it's
fragility, I don't want to be
the mirror anymore
blinded by your misdirection
like the sun was born
in the pupils of my tired eyes

it doesn't blind you
in your obliviousness
there was no truth to find

you've shown me myself
in your refusal to accept it
and exposed your mask
and it's cumbersome lie

now I can see
why the footprints
only point north
and eventually they dissipate
dissipate and die

so why are my lungs
expelling the screams into space
in the atmosphere where
no one will hear them
while you just sit back
enjoying the ride

can you not tell
in the words
you have spoken
you are the illusion
you can not survive

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