Sunday, March 26, 2023

Article: Sahjaza's View of Eldership in the Community

Sahjaza's View of Eldership in the Community

Those who created the Community are responsible for creating future Elders who are steadfast, intelligent and compassionate enough to bring forth the vision of the first pioneers. Elders have achieved a certain level of recognition. They’re authentic and have put in their time and service to their House and Community. Elders understand what the Community is, where it came from and how it got this way. Elders are respectful people who follow the Code of Conduct and Black Veil. Elders have good day and nightside balance. Temple House Sahjaza’s Elders earn the title and are allowed to use the title within the House and Community at large. They also receive printed official certificates presented in ritual when possible. Other House members use the Elder’s title when addressing the individual. There are differences between a House Elder and Community Elder. Logically, you have to be one before the other. A Ronin cannot be a Community Elder. Temple House Sahjaza holds Elders to a higher standard of everything including but not limited to conduct, leadership and living by example on all levels. It’s vital that Elders behave with personal responsibility, fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations to their house, community and beyond.

~ Excerpt from the Sahjaza Book of Secrets – Approved by the Council of Temple House Sahjaza and Matriarch Goddess Rosemary

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