Monday, March 20, 2023

Poem: "Good For Nothing" by Judge Santiago Burdon

Good For Nothing
Judge Santiago Burdon

I've taken enough shit from you today, attacking me with the persistence of a Monday morning hangover, you're fortunate I'm heavily medicated, and not paying attention to almost anything you say, otherwise I might take offense, to your condescending soliloquy of humiliating comments, concerning my character, it always seems to be complaints, about something I didn't do, rather than what I might have done, you say I'm good for nothing, even good for nothing, is good for something, the only thing you accomplish by these rants of screaming falsehoods, is proving your self-righteous and conceited demeanor, you haven't told me anything I haven't heard before, if this is an attempt to hurt my feelings, you're heading up a dead end street, they became numb in my childhood, I used to hold the flashlight for my father, you're just an echo, of all the women that didn't last, my interest in your summation, is hiding in the lost and found, there's a swallow of patience left in the bottle, a cold shoulder of icy give a shit in the syringe, all I can think of saying, is shut the fuck up, but I was hoping to come up with something, a bit more profound.

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