Saturday, May 4, 2019

Track Review: POSSESSED "No More Room In Hell" by Dave Wolff

Location: San Francisco, California
Country of origin: USA
Genre: Thrash/death metal
Track: No More Room In Hell
From the full length “Revelations Of Oblivion,” to be released on Nuclear Blast May 10, 2019
Release date: March 15, 2019
After hearing “No More Room In Hell” I am stoked for Possessed’s new full length album. As one of the original 80’s thrash bands, they reminded me of the passion I had for that cutting edge style. The song reminded me of what a stirring, mind-blowing experience it was to discover Sodom, Celtic Frost, Destruction, Slayer and too many others to mention. Listening to it compelled me to listen to their past classics “Seven Churches”. “Beyond The Gates” and “The Eyes Of Horror” and remember how floored I was to hear their extreme musicianship for the first time. I came upon the exact same animation with this advance track from “Revelations Of Oblivion” as it’s a refined version of the hellish commotion we heard from their debut album. Everything that made “Seven Churches” a milestone in underground music that set the standard for the bands that followed is here. The dark overtones, the tumultuous atmosphere, the unhallowed vocals, the blazing guitar solos, the fiendish percussion and especially the horror themed lyrics. All present in the band’s formula thirty-plus years later, as if they never stopped recording. It’s no half-hearted stab at nostalgia either; it sounds and feels just like their vintage material, polished, tightened and with all emphasis on their ability to write and play memorable songs. Their precision and the slightest hint of early nineties death metal bring their style up to date, forever silencing any and all suggestions that thrash metal is dated and should be relegated to the eighties. Possessed fans old and new will eat this up and froth at the mouth for more. -Dave Wolff

Jeff Becerra: Vocals
Daniel Gonzalez: Guitars
Claudeous Creamer: Guitars
Robert Cardenas: Bass, backing vocals
Emilio Marquez: Drums

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