Thursday, September 30, 2021

Full Length Review: So Long Until the Séance (S.L.U.T.S) "B Movie Superstars" (Independent) by Corban Skipwith

Band: So Long Until the Séance (S.L.U.T.S)
Location: Belfast
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Budget shock rock
Full Length: B Movie Superstars
Format: Compact disc
Label: Independent
Release date: Halloween 2021
You know when it comes to music there are so many different avenues and roads, streets, and roundabouts, left turns and right turns not to mention the endless amounts of roundabouts, traffic lights, speed cameras, and freeways all designed to give you a new destination and adventure to travel on.
But the one thing that always is interesting to try even if you’ve heard it done a thousand and one times is
Because when it comes to fusion, you never know how it will turn out, I’ve heard some AWFUL fusion projects in my time and I’ve always heard some AMAZING in the same respect, and today, I’m here to announce an album that is the perfect fusion of two of my favourite sub-genres that I can’t let it be ignored.
So Long Until The Séance and their album ‘B Movie Superstars’.
What an experience this was, as I type this to you now I’m already thinking back to how good this album was, it blew me away! With all-new albums, I didn’t know what to expect and this blew away all my expectations and much much more! So to clear it up for you guys this is a combination of
Horror Punk and Glam/Hair metal!
I want you to imagine the two worlds of Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 and bands like Whitesnake and Van Halen coming together and this album is their sonic love child! It’s perfect from start to finish! What’s perfect about the two above-mentioned subgenres are that they are all about FUN! You’ve got the Tongue and Cheek Punk essence of the Horror Punk and then you have the glossy, fast-paced and direct vibe of the Hair/Glam Metal and this album has taken the best elements of both and combined them to make this one of a kind record!
It’s only 9 tracks but man do they ROCK! Well, technically they Rock and Punk but that’s not the point! This album is the definition of FUN! You know I’ll be the first to admit that I love a serious, dark album as much as the next guy, but nothing and I mean NOTHING is better than a well-executed fun album and that’s exactly what we have!
The vocals are kickass, melodic, hard felt, rocking, everything you would want from an album like this! The guitar is shredding, drums are smart and technical and that bass slaps harder than when you think you're tough enough to take on your mum as a teenage brat, it slaps!
What’s the kick here? The kick is that this is a PRE REVIEW for the upcoming album! I won’t be releasing any link for the album but you have to take my word for it that THIS IS A MUST LISTEN for 2021!
If you won’t purchase for them purchase for me! I do my absolute best to present to you all as many reviews as I can on a weekly basis (sometimes working this 7 days a week) including a full-time day job! So as a favour to your favourite independent music critic! Go click on their Facebook group and pre-order this album because I’m never wrong and there’s no reason to start now!
It will be available soon and you will want to be there when it is! –Corban Skipwith

Track list:
1. Prologue
2. Another Horror Story
3. Carol Anne
4. Knives Amongst The Ivy
5. Necrophiliac
6. Beautiful And Cruel
7. Brave The Night
8. Suspiria
9. The Hex

This review can also be read at Corban Skipwith's Facebook group Relentless Reviews with Corbz. -DW

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