Friday, October 30, 2015

CD Review: GRAVE DIGGER Exhumation-The Early Years

Exhumation-The Early Years
Napalm Records
This album release is pretty much a blast from the past. Grave Digger released this new album featuring re-recorded classics from over the past 35 years. It features a lot of tracks from their first three albums and even stemming back to their demos. It also includes two new bonus tracks toward the end that is to be featured in a future 2016 album release. These re-recorded tracks from the heavy metal legends are a great way of showing a blast from the past in a modern way and it proves they still have the same skills as back then. These classics have a powerful and dynamic sound to them still even though it is 2015. It is the ideal thought of what we expected from Grave Digger and that is good old classic heavy metal. Though I can be a little picky on re-recorded versions of songs I will note that these versions sound quite close to the originals. Overall the production and sound of this album throughout is solid. With over 35 years of being together and releasing 16 different full length albums this is a fun way to put it together. On a side note the artwork to this album fits in with the power and heavy metal themes throughout. Be sure to pick it up via Napalm Records and catch Grave Digger on their U.S tour with Blind Guardian. Rating: 9/10 -Michelle Liberati

Track listing:
01. Headbanging Man
02. Fire in Your Eyes 03. Witch Hunter
03. Witch Hunter
04. Shoot Her Down
05. Stand Up and Rock
06. Heavy Metal Breakdown
07. Enola Gay - Drop the Bomb
08. Get Away
09. We Wanna Rock You
10. Playing Fools
11. Here I Stand
12. Tyrant
13. Paradise
14. My Private Morning Hell (bonus track)
15. Young And Dangerous (bonus track)

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