Friday, October 16, 2015

Video Review: Artemortifica Sketch Pad 1 by Dave Wolff

Artemortifica Sketch Pad 1 progress 8-25-2015
This three-minute clip by Frank Garcia aka Arte Mortifica is the seventh installment of his current Sketchpad series (the previous six installments and a new installment are uploaded on the first of September). Frank has been designing new art for this series while working on material with his new band Asphyxiator. I have been corresponding with Frank since 2009 or 2010 (I got acquainted with him on Myspace through Jillanna Babb) and have watched his work slowly but steadily improve, especially with his printed collection Mecha Birth. His work has been published in the print version of Cerebral Agony and Autoeroticasphyxium, and my second interview with him is on CA’s blog. His drawings have progressed from sole characters to full blown techno-futuristic-nightmarish landscapes that combine representations of the organic and the man-made through images originating from deep inside his consciousness. In these drawings he is experimenting with new materials. The first drawing he displays shows this in such a way that it proves striking even to people familiar with his artwork. From there things become increasingly complex, with dashes, geometric shapes, disembodied eyes, alien skulls and other things that manage to go well together. His third piece is a three-dimensional effort that reminded me of the labyrinth scenes in Hellraiser II: Hellbound. If this is your first time checking out his drawings you’ll be blown away. -Dave Wolff

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