Thursday, August 3, 2017

EP Review: KULTIKA Pursuance

There's nothing at all to say in terms of description about Kultika's 'Pursuance' EP other than the fact that it is simply breathtaking. It was released on July 24 and consisting of two marvelous songs which emanate a unique sense of individuality and sophistication. The first of the two, titled 'Do You Want to See the Splendor?' is a sort of journey-piece in which the ending takes you to an entirely different place than the beginning. Mood shifts are ever so prominent here amidst this eight-minute opener which encompasses a wide variety of styles and influences. The gentle piano nuances and the catchy vocal melodies could lead one to bear the conviction that the group are in fact a far cry from 'metal' as a whole, but fear not! There are moments of impressive tremolo riffing somewhere in the mid-point of the track and there's even a section in which you hear death-metal inspired growling. That, however, is indeed just a 'moment' and merely one of the diverse qualities the group manages to showcase throughout the limited time-frame the group have set for themselves. 'Unburden Me' is just goose bump inducing. A six-minute collection of wonderful melodies led by the pulsating yet incredibly distant sound of acoustics, it is a track that oozes elegance, subtlety and romance in all its highest forms of beauty and pulchritude. The fact that they're always vouchsafed with the 'metal' label is actually in some manner quite insulting when you hear something as genre-bending and progressive as this in their oeuvre. Overall this EP spans a whole body of atmospheres and moods in which the group demonstrate that you don't have to conform to any pre-existing stereotype in the process of creating a musical statement. -Jaime Regadas

Track list:
1. Do You Want To See The Splendor
2. Unburden Me

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