Friday, August 18, 2017

Video Review: CRIMFALL Until Falls The Rain by Jaime Regadas

Until Falls The Rain
From their upcoming full length Amain (Metal Blade)
Fellow folk-metal addicts can breathe a sigh of relief hearing the anticipation is over after six years of waiting for Crimfall's newest studio LP. 'Amain' is set to be released August 25, and to coincide with they've issued a new single 'Until Falls the Rain'. A sprawling, epic track clocking in at six-minutes, the song relies on bombastic choruses, the singers and their respective styles and of course the bleak, despondent atmosphere that give it such an enthralling identity. After listening to half the track it becomes apparent structural diversity perhaps isn't the method they're going for, seeing as there's a lot of consistency. However that pre-conception is saved by the tremendous mid-section shifting the track into folk territory which brings out their Celtic influences. Thumping mandolins, acoustics and what sounds like a sitar in the background gives the track a new edge and is a perfect respite. After this experimentation the group plunges back into fist-pumping anthems led by the yearning quality of Mikko Häkkinen and Helena Haaparanta who are gifted. Their voices are complimentary to one another; Häkkinen showcases the raw yearning of dejection filled with angst, power. The impending inertia is represented when Haaparanta showcases the beauty in solemnity through intense operatic techniques. The accompanying video is touching and deep. A form of credence to the title, the landscape used throughout is something of a rain-forest plagued by incredibly violent, tumultuous weather. There’s a comparative image of cascading sleet and hazy windstorms which gives it not only an aggressive, obstreperous element but also a mystic and opaque lethargy. - A previously untampered combination exhibited not only aesthetically/lyrically but musically. - Such a combination has proved itself vital to the group's developing nature. -Jaime Regadas

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