Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Track Premiere Review: INVERTED SERENITY Mechanical Gods

Mechanical Gods
Official track premiere from their third full length As Spectres Wither (Independent) to be released October 6th, 2017
Inverted Serenity is a progressive death metal band from Canada, Winnipeg and Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba to be exact. Since 2009 they have released two albums and a host of singles and lyric videos. The most recent single Mechanical Gods came out to preview the October release of their new album, As Spectres Wither. So far Inverted Serenity are not signed but this may well change if Mechanical Gods is typical of their next effort. The first moments of this track shows them as brutally heavy as they come, but it becomes clear they’ve been reaching for a stratum of their own regarding resourceful invention. Their songwriting reflects an unconventional concept they have cultivated and expanded upon since the starting point. As I appreciate bands who operate by their own guidelines Inverted Serenity are awarded points for originality. Their lyrics are an exploration of philosophy and enlightenment combined with science and nature. A small taste is provided as the verses are included beneath the clip. It’s not indicated who in the band penned the lyrics but they give the listener much to consider, about men creating their gods for centuries and the dilemmas our ancestors have left for us by doing so. Detractors who expect to hear the “fuck god” rant are in for a smackdown from left field they didn’t see coming, in which references to technology come into play with the religious themes. The progression from fragmented brutality to cold, blast-laden atmosphere and back again makes for many inventive arrangements the band willingly investigate, examining and analyzing each result that made it into the song. You could say the songwriting process is scientific in and of itself, going father to make its point, right up to the track’s desolate, solemn conclusion. -Dave Wolff

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