Monday, November 6, 2017

Poem: 'Dogmatic Chains Released' by Skitz J. Fitch

Dogmatic Chains Released
by Skitz J. Fitch
Unchained from your Religious Dogma I come forth from your Holy Mountain bringing Darkness ,Fire and Freedom.
I will not ask you to Bow down on your knees I will not ask of you your wealth for it means nothing to me .
Covet thy wealth and keep what is yours burn down the churches bring Apocalypse to there Holy shores.
The Crucifix holds no power on this Earth were it is I who Rains do not worry about the afterlife for there you shall not burn but come amongst my ranks.
Preachers of the Lie world wide deceit blanket Religious slavery die on your knees or live on your feet.
Pushers of the Holy drug dry bread and shit whine that does nothing but to parch the soul and mind , Rebel with me rise up and feast upon the Angels flesh dine as a King.
Your Soul yours to keep I only ask your service when the battle is brought to the pearly gates Saint peter impaled and thrown from his seat the gates which I shall shit upon in defiance of the faceless tyrant.
True power is within thy self not in an old book of lies awake Sons and daughters of the North cast down your chains and return to your true ways cast out the serpent of the church rejoice rebel there is no heaven and no hell.

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