Monday, November 6, 2017

Poem: 'It Hungers' by Jerry Langdon

It Hungers
by Jerry Langdon © 2017. All rights reserved
The cloud of petty diamond dust
sheds little light upon this trail.
To the Moon I am but a passant.
To the Night naught as a pissant.
My inner light shines pale
as strength begins to rust.

Voidant lanterns flickering and dying,
sparsely illuminating the way.
I try to remain puissant.
However 'tis vigorous to be valiant.
Feel my will begin to decay.
All the Shadows spying.

Ebon silhouettes stirring.
The darkness drools.
Hear it pitter patter
as were I on a platter.
Drops congregate to pools.
My Sight is blurring.

The Night opens its mouth to devour.
The Moon hides its face from sight.
The lantern now shatters.
The Shadows scatter.
Voidant now of all light.
Fear my final hour.

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