Friday, December 15, 2017

EP Review: MORS OMNIBUS Circus Verses (Promo Sampler)

Release Date: October 31, 2017
There are musical acts that really prompt one to question the very definition of what constitutes "music" and how far such a definition can stretch. MORS OMNIBUS, a dark-ambient noir inspired project is a musical act that really did leave me scratching my head over such a question. The promo release of 'Circus Verses' is perhaps one of the most detached, disassociated and withdrawn releases you'll have heard for a long time and is best thought of as "loose" music designed to accompany a contemporary independent psychological-thriller film of sorts. The project manages to summon the psyche's long-held uncertainty regarding the oppressing question of how we can truly define "music". This is virtually melodically-incoherent in nature yet its structural basis lies within the arms of its intense rhythmic capacity. Throughout each track there's an ominous droning echo that almost imposes an impending threat upon the listener, yet the continuously disjointed patterns of the organic percussion makes one feel at ease.. almost. The opening title track is almost entirely a feast of haunting organic samples whereas 'Old Book' manages to evoke its feelings of terror and dread through the interplay of just a handful of note changes throughout. 'Harlequin', the six-minute track consists entirely of wind-chimes, bells, marimba and celesta. As the track progresses it transports the listener into its own hypnotizing trance and you begin to feel as though you've taken a misplaced detour into the infinite void, - and alas one just continues to spiral into the haze. It may seem a tad orthodox to have released something like this on Halloween night but it certainly wouldn't be incompatible on one's Halloween playlist. -Jaime Regadas

Track list:
1. Circus Verses (preview)
2. Old Book (preview)
3. Premature Burial l (preview)
4. Harlequin (preview)
5. Theatre Macabre (preview)

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