Saturday, December 2, 2017

Film Review: Equals by Sophia Cynthia Cabral

Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Release date: September 5, 2015
Companies involved: Route One Films, Scott Free Productions, Freedom Media, Infinite Frameworks Studio
Director: Drake Doremus
Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Kristen Stewart
Plot: In a world without emotions a couple arises, creating tension with their own society, this is their story of how they deal with a new non-conformist way of life and feelings.
Review: It starts slow but I can relate why, the acting in general is quite good, especially Kristen’s. One of the things that picked up my interest besides the music was the plot, of how a person devoid of emotions eventually got to learn how to feel and how to deal with it along having to hide it from the rest of non-feelers to avoid being put away. This entire movie is solid with a brilliant art, smooth scenes and a fresh story idea. This is not a movie you just sit and drink a beer to watch it; it’s complex, deep and insightful on a possible reality where we don’t feel anything and have all served to us, stuff like a job, food, etc. This movie is a special one that I’d recommend to anyone who’s looking for a deep thinking time and that really can think outside the box. Sometimes being numb is good however it is important to feel, the good, the bad for in feeling we learn more than we can imagine really. -Sophia Cynthia Cabral

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