Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Poem: 'The Feast for the Beast' by Craig Michael

The Feast for the Beast
By Craig Michael

For what we are about to received, we give thanks!
Stab the bloody meat, with the Devil’s shanks!
Crucified evil mutants brats chanting; “Bring back the Beast, We’re prepared for the feast!”
Oh Yeah! Let witches serve sour blood wine,
Let sorcerers sit on skulls to dine!
It’s the feast of the Devil, The feast for the Beast.
The Feast for the Beast!
Bust out the bugle!
Call in the beast, Bring back the beast.
Serve Hors d’oeuvres of moldy maggots.
They’ll say Kill another homo, skin another faggot.
Pour pure salt on the wounds,
Their scream we’ll promote,
At the feast, bring in the goat!
For the beast!
Come to the table to feast,
Yeah, dine with the devil,
At the feast for the beast,
The feast for the beast!
Hear Hell’s children, In our pre-human coliseum chanting.
See the madman dancing to the ritual of the beast.
Children of Satan screaming and ranting; “Bring back the beast!”
Ancient evil ritual, Black capes,
Let there be murders, let there be rapes!
For the ritual rights before the feast,
They’re prepares, we’re prepared,
Prepared for the feast, the feast of the devil.
Come and dine at the feast,

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