Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Poem: 'Fog and Flame' by Andy Horry

Fog and Flame
By Andy Horry

You deserve wisdom,
You deserve help.
But are you willing to listen?
Are you willing to walk?

You may think that you
don’t deserve to walk.
You may believe that
Your feet won’t work.

You convince yourself that
The tools you have are useless..
Yet you sit there and refuse
To take the first step.

That step of faith
Can’t be arrived at through
A process of your mind.

Take action on it now.
Don’t try and figure it out
So proud
Of your intelligence so loud.

Stop trying to walk
And just walk.

Trust that you can,
Trust that you’ll start.
Keep the faith in your efforts,
Walk through the fire of your mind.

Let go of effort,
Let go of thought.
Look deep within yourself,
Through the fog,
Through the flame.

You think the physical
Is where you reside
But once you see through
The mist you’ll see
Where you really were all along.
It’s beautiful.

You’ll see the hidden truth.
The stillness,
The power,
The ecstasy,
The vibration.

You’ll feel the truth,
You’ll become the truth.
The truth you were destined to be,
The truth you already were.

Maybe you still don’t think
That you’re worthy to walk
But whose thought really is it?

Where did you pick that up?
Is it really yours to own?
Why does it hold so much
Power over you?

Detach from thought,
Detach from the physical,
Align with the lyrical
That guides you to the spiritual.

Being With Life

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