Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Video Review: HEAVY HOUR Come To Me by Dave Wolff

Come To Me
Place of origin: Montenegro
Genre: Heavy metal
Release date: November 20, 2017
Being that Heavy Hour is a new band, the only information I could find on them is that they started in Montenegro in 2015. I’m assuming Come To Me is their debut video, released to give us a small sample of what’s to come. My initial research on the metal underground in Montenegro turned up only a handful of bands so far. For all I know it may be larger, but the scene appears to have a diverse range of thrash, prog, pagan, black, death, doom and gothic, and equally diverse subject matter from Cthulhu mythos to occultism to Serbian history to Slavic mythology. The country itself is said to be in a state of political and economic transition; it was communist until 1992 and in 2006 declared independence from the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. I imagine these political changes account for a metal scene that has slowly but gradually increased since the 2000s. Heavy Hour reflects on this with their concept of a centuries old prophecy finally fulfilled. An ancient deity reawakened by ritual, leading a legion of minions and calling the world to follow him. This is actually the second version of the band’s promotional clip, the first being a Croatian version released in May 2017, Vrati Se. I listened to both versions and the languages in which it’s sung offer different perspectives on its theme and musicianship. The song is decent crunch-laden mid paced metal with melodic vocals and impressive lead guitar. The chorus reminded me of Judas Priest’s A Touch Of Evil, as the diction is similar to the chorus of Priest’s track. What most held my attention was the imagery in the video. Some settings chosen for the story had me thinking of the opening sequence of The Exorcist, when Father Lancaster Merrin is symbolically confronted by Pazuzu. The camera angles and slightly grainy production captured the song’s conceptual theme aptly. That they’re able to convey lyrics through imagery shows the storytelling potential Heavy Hour has for a band that just started a few years ago.. -Dave Wolff

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